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News :   25 / 02 / 19

Gemma Milly Calligraphy Workshop at Millbridge Court

Looking to have a wonderful day out with friends and learn an incredible skill at the same time? Well, look no further; we may just be holding the perfect event for you.


We are so excited to be hosting Gemma Milly’s Surrey workshop here at Millbridge Court on Sunday 26th April in our Boutique Hotel. So many people have fallen in love with the undeniable delights of calligraphy, a skill that Gemma teaches in the most beautiful and indulgent way.


On the day, Gemma will be introducing the group to traditional copperplate calligraphy, working through the basics of letterforms and alphabets and looking in to ink, pens, nibs and papers. There will be time to practice all of the skills learnt while Gemma shares her knowledge with each attendee individually. But not only that, little touches of luxury are added throughout. Eating and drinking is heavily encouraged in class and with the wonderful Kalm Kitchen providing the nibbles throughout, no one will be going home hungry. There is also an instashoot area with props on hand so you can share what you’ve created and learnt on the day. Gemma will then be on hand via email to follow up after the workshop and answer any questions as well as being in touch with exclusive news and tips.


At the end of the 3 hours, guests will have created a beautiful piece of stationery that they can take home with them; they will also be given a beautiful goody bag stuffed full of loveliness. It will include some more surprises and all of the class materials (pen holder, nibs, ink, calligraphy workbook, tracing sheets and practice sheets) so that the skills practiced can be enhanced at home.


Millbridge Court Brides… if you’re a creative type, this might just be the perfect skill to learn so that you can add some handcrafted touches to your big day! Or perhaps it’s the perfect gift for a friend or relative so that they can hone a new skill and have an all round fabulous day out. There are very few spaces left so do get in touch with Gemma to secure your spot at the Millbridge Court workshop.

News :   25 / 02 / 19

July Wedding Day #marriedatmillbridge

News :   25 / 02 / 19

As Seen In You & Your Wedding (November Issue) #marriedatmillbridge


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News :   25 / 02 / 19

Winter Wedding At Millbridge Court #marriedatmillbridge

This cold, crisp, festive time of year seemed like the perfect opportunity to share Mr & Mrs Shandall-Woods’ breathtaking Wedding Day with you all. If you love foliage & want some winter Wedding Inspiration then this blog post is definitely the one for you!

S&R’s chosen florist was none other than Jay Archer Blooms who created the most spectacular foliage arrangements that stood tall in our Dining Barn and on alternate tables there were lower centrepieces which featured soft blooms of white & blush. The arrangements stood upon blocks of tree trunk and little tree trunk slices were used to create tea light holders which gave the tables a real woodland feel.

The Bride & Groom chose not just one, but three fabulous Kalm Kitchen interactive Menu options, starting with a Charcuterie Board, followed by Carve at the Table Beef (featuring comedy aprons!) and lastly, a rather beautiful looking sharing Mille-Fueille. Such a fun way to get your guests interacting and a sure way to fill the Barns with laughter, especially when the ‘Carvers’ unwrap their aprons!

Their chosen photographer was the wonderful Kate Gray who captured the Barns and Jay Archer’s incredible work so perfectly and with the soft Winter sunlight on their side, the photos of S&R in the Millbridge Court grounds are so spectacular. Kate really did capture every happy moment and all of the details, even the smallest, so wonderfully.

News :   25 / 02 / 19

This Week On The Millbridge Court Site… Part 6

Completion is so very close and yet more drastic changes have taken place over the past seven days.

The grounds have been progressing wonderfully at both the front and back of the Millbridge Court site in the heart ofFrensham. The car park is being graveled throughout today and will be completed tomorrow creating a beautiful finish to the large front area where we will be able to fit 50 car’s on the day of a Millbridge Court Wedding. We are now just awaiting our gorgeous laurel hedging to be planted around the edge of the parking area to complete the front entrance.


In our Outside Ceremony area, turf has been put down from the fencing at the outer reaches of the Millbridge Court site to the surrounding hedging at the top of our aisle… all we are missing are some of our gorgeous chiavari chars, a Bride, Groom and guests and we’re ready!!


I also thought I’d take a picture of the extra guests we had today in the adjacent field to our Outside Ceremony area… The cows! Personally, I think they’ll be a fantastic asset to an outdoor Wedding in the Surrey countryside, so here’s to hoping it’s a permanent feature.


As you can see from the below photo looking up towards our Dining & Ceremony Halls, we just have a small amount of turfing to do before the grounds are finished and completely covered in luscious green grass ready for as many al fresco drinks receptions as the English weather will allow us to have.


Moving inside, I wanted to give you all another look at the Dining Hall which this week has had the walls finished, the up lighting put in, the wooden floor has had it’s final coat of varnish and it’s looking breathtaking! Just out of shot we have nine dimmers ready to set all lighting to whatever level of brightness or dimness happy couples would like at different stages of the celebrations.


Stay tuned for photos of our Venue bar which is being installed next week, leaving our ceremony hall completed, as well as photos of the finished car park area and much more!

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