UK Alliance of Wedding Planners at Millbridge Court: Wedding Planning Excellence Seminar ’15

14 / 02 / 16

Last Summer we received a rather exciting email from Emma at Coco Wedding Venues introducing us to her good friend and colleague, Katrina Otter who is a key member of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and in charge of planning their 2015 Wedding planning Excellence Seminar. Following a site visit from Kat and Andri Benson (Always Andri) and a morning chatting through menu ideas and plans we just could not wait to host such an exciting few days and welcome some of the most talented Wedding Planners in the UK to Millbridge Court.

Wedding Planning Excellence (WPE) offers the opportunity for Wedding Planners to increase their knowledge, gain ideas to grow their planning business and to mix and learn from like-minded planners. WPE had the most incredible array of speakers over the course of the two days, ranging from Polly Alexandre, a success and lifestyle coach, to Fiona Humberstone, the best-selling author of ‘How to Style Your Brand’.

Thank you, Kat, for having Millbridge Court as the host for such a wonderful event, it was a complete and utter privilege to be joined by such phenomenal industry professionals. Thank you to Hannah Duffy for capturing the Seminar so beautifully over the two days and to MBC Partner for always dressing Millbridge Court to perfection.

Elisabetta of Linen & Silk had these wonderful words to say about Millbridge Court…

“What a fantastic setting for WPE! I’d heard such lovely feedback about this venue that I sat foot at Millbridge Court with really high expectations – but I was not disappointed! The venue is cosy, warm, inviting and offered us a fantastic space, both for the educational part and for relaxing with our colleagues over lunch and dinner. Ending day 1 chatting with fellow planners on the sofas by the fire was also rather special. The service we’ve received from Millbridge has also been fantastic – what a great partner for WPE!”

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hannah duffy-210

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hannah duffy-249

hannah duffy-263

hannah duffy-268


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hannah duffy-346

hannah duffy-352

hannah duffy-375

hannah duffy-315


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hannah duffy-425

hannah duffy-417b

Day 2.

hannah duffy-433


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hannah duffy-476(1)

hannah duffy-483

hannah duffy-471(1)

hannah duffy-466(1)


Caterer: Kalm Kitchen

Photographer: Hannah Duffy Photography

Videographer: Adrian Stone from The Dreamcatchers

Florist: Jay Archer Floral Design

Stationery: Ananya Cards

Furniture: Stressfreehire

Full list of Speakers:


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