This Week On The Millbridge Court Site… Part 3

07 / 09 / 14

Another exciting week has flown by in Frensham, Surrey and we are now another week closer to completion…

The front of the Millbridge Court Boutique Hotel has really come on leaps and bounds over the past seven days. All of the original features have been lovingly restored as you can see from the exposed brickwork in the photograph below, and the beams above the doorway. Almost all of the walls have had their final coat of paint and the beautiful wooden floor has been laid down throughout the Hotel ground floor, extending in to the private dining room.  Excitingly, it’s now just a few weeks away from being fully furnished!




And… in other very important news, we now have electricity throughout the Hotel!


Moving towards the exterior of Millbridge Court, the dark wood cladding on the connecting building between the Boutique Hotel and the Barn has been completed, and as you can see from Barry, the painter in the right hand side of the photo below, he is so ecstatic about this, he’s even dancing on his ladder!


The landscapers arrived in force this past week and have started to work wonders with what will be our beautiful lawns leading out from the Ceremony Hall and Dining Hall. Specifically, they have begun planting stunning Fertinia Red Robin hedging around the Outside Ceremony Area so that it will by next week be completely enclosed and private. The wooden pergola which marks the top of the Outside Ceremony aisle has also been put in place and will no doubt be the perfect feature for lots of lovely florists to decorate and style throughout the Summer months.



The rate in which Millbridge Court is progressing is really amazing and the builder’s, decorators, painters, electricians and landscapers are all working tirelessly throughout the week and weekend to make sure they reach the deadline nearer the end of this month. Stay tuned for next weeks changes!

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