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22 / 02 / 15

Hello lovely readers!!


I hope you’re all well and had the most fabulous Valentine’s weekend last weekend. Certainly it would seem there were lots of wonderful men getting on bended knee because we’re in the midst of the busiest weekend we’ve had since opening. So, if you’re a new fiancé to some lucky other half, then we are sending you a humungous congratulations from Millbridge Court!


This week, it’s all about training day! And no, I don’t mean a day filled with team building exercises or powerpoint presentations but rather a day filled with scrumptious food, Wedding chit chat and all rounded off with some rather wonderful wine tasting. It all sounds rather fun (which undeniably, it was) however the main objective was to get the team together and learn about the in’s and out’s of what each of us does on a daily basis. We are all striving towards the same goal, so it seems only right that we have the very best understanding of what goes in to every single element of a perfect Wedding Day, from how to build canapés, to how to show perspective couples around a Venue.


We also have a new team Member, the lovely Kellie, joining us at Millbridge Court so it was a great chance for her to meet everyone, join in the fun and learn about how we all work together as a team.


The most photo worthy part of the day was, of course, the food! Myself, Kellie and Aidan were put through our paces in the kitchen and were taught how to build canapés by the Head Chef Tom and Chris. We also assembled THE most phenomenal chocolate Mille-Feuille, which is available as a Dessert option to all of our wonderful couples. How did we do? Well, thankfully the look we were going for for the dessert was rustic, so I think we managed that part well enough, although I’m not sure we’ll be asked back to assemble the intricate canapés. After their demonstrations I thought it’d be a breeze… Plainly, I was wrong. I also didn’t think I could be more in awe of the incredible work that they do and the truly delicious dishes they manage to produce day in, day out. And again… I was wrong.


So here’s some images of what we got up to…



As you can see… we’re always entirely serious.


The Chocolate Mille- Feuille… The most scrumptious sharing Dessert option. One per table for all of your Wedding guests to tuck in to. It took Chris a whole day to make the chocolate puff pastry from scratch and then it was down to us (under his expert guidance) to stack the pastry and fill each layer with chocolate custard, cream, raspberry jelly, fresh raspberries, popping candy, chocolate shavings, blueberries, honeycomb (the list goes on). It was like nothing I’ve ever eaten before… chocolate heaven.



And then it was time for us to try the main course. Carving at the table. On the menu was twice cooked pork belly with marinated pearl cous cous, baked fennel, lemon & thyme roasted potatoes and roasted summer vegetables with a parsley and basil pesto and all laid out on rustic wooden boards (I know what you’re thinking… Tough day in the office, right?). This will work so wonderfully for those couples who are after a more informal dining approach to their Wedding Breakfast and with the abundance of scrummy food available, no guest will be going hungry.


Time for wine tasting…


Here at Millbridge Court, we have a cellar stocked full of gorgeous wines and this was our opportunity to talk through each of our house wine’s, Prosecco’s & Champagne’s. Learn about where and how they’re made, what dishes they compliment particularly well and of course, to try them and see the variety in flavour.


Ahead of our busy Wedding season, these kind of day’s are not just immensely enjoyable but also crucial to us continuing to grow as a team and I feel very privileged to be able to work with such a hugely talented bunch of lovelies and most importantly, all under one roof!

Next week… it’s all about tastings! So just a heads up that you probably shouldn’t read it whilst hungry! Xx

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