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#marriedatmillbridge in 2018

Well, what an unbelievable year we have had here at Millbridge Court, filled with gorgeous Wedding Days, inspiring industry events, stunning Tasting Evenings & celebrations & much more.

2018 has also seen some really exciting changes here at Millbridge Court, with the renovation of the Bridal Changing Room, the extension of the Outdoor Ceremony aisle & the creation of our Secret Garden; a tranquil space in front of The Hideaway that our Brides & Grooms get to enjoy throughout their Wedding Celebrations, & with our desire to always keep evolving, we can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

For our #marriedatmillbridge 2018 post we thought we would share our most liked images from our Millbridge Court Instagram. We love our instagram platform as it allows us to connect with suppliers & our Brides & Grooms &, thanks to the plethora of talented industry professionals who we are lucky enough to work with & who transform & capture the Venue on a weekly basis, we can share so much inspiration with all of our followers. Below is our ‘most liked’ long list & at the very end of the post, you’ll see the most liked picture of 2018 (it really is a stunning one!)

We hope you enjoy looking through the beautiful images below & from all of us here at Millbridge, we want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!


Sarah Legge Photography

39. Lemonade Pictures (102)
38. Leanne Jade, Seventh Heaven Events

(Left) Lemonade Pictures, Hannah Berry Flowers; (Right) Leanne Jade Photography, Seventh Heaven Events

VLA Photography, Hannah Berry Flowers

36. Terryli Photography, HBF

(Left) Kerry Ann Duffy, Meadowfolk; (Right) Terry Li Photography, Hannah Berry Flowers

Frankee Victoria, Herbert & Isles

31. Miss Gen (104)
32. miss Gen- Ededn Blooms (103)
31. Kate Gray- Jay Archer (114)

(Left & Middle) Miss Gen Photography, Eden Blooms; (Right) Kate Gray, Jay Archer Floral Design

30. Abigail White (108)
29. Abigail White (119)
29. Sarah Legge (115)

(Top & Middle) Abigail White Photography; (Bottom) Sarah Legge Photography, Bubblegum Balloons

RS Brown Photography, Bubblegum Balloons, Jenni Blooms

27. Philippa Sian (123)
26. Saah Legge- 125
Philippa Sian
26. Kirsty Mackenzie (124)

(Top Left) Philippa Sian Photography, Hannah Berry Flowers; (middle) Sarah Legge Photography, Bubblegum Balloons; (Top Right) Philippa Sian Photography, Gill Pike Florist (Bottom) Kirsty Mackenzie

Kit Myers- HBF
25. Abigail White (126)

(Top) Kit Myers, Hannah Berry Flowers, Bubblegum Balloons; (Bottom) Abigail White Photography

Dominique Bader Photography, Longacres

Jonny MP- Blush & Stem
Jonny MP

Jonny MP Photography, Blush & Stem

Harry Michael- Carrie Macey
Sarah Legge, Boutique Blooms
Lincoln Pictures, Emily Jane Cakes, Cake stand Monti by Monti

(Top Left) Harry Michael Photography, Topiary Tree by Carrie Macey; (Top Right) Sarah Legge Photography, Boutique Blooms; (Bottom Left) Kerry Ann Duffy, Bloomingayles; (Bottom Right) Lincoln Pictures, Emily Jane Cakes, Monti by Monti Cake Stand

SecretGarden13 copy

LH Photography

Sophie Duckworth
Hayley Bray
Hayley Bray

(Top Left) Sophie Duckworth, Hannah Berry Flowers; (Bottom Left) Hayley Bray Photography; (Right) Hayley Bray Photography, Kalm Kitchen, Hannah Berry Flowers

Dancing- Matthew Lawrence Phcotography- Ellie & Daniel
RS Brown

(Top) Matthew Lawrence Photography; (Bottom) RS Brown Photography

Sarah Legge Photography, Boutique Blooms
Kirsty Mackenzie- Blush Floral Design
Sarah Legge, Papillon Patisserie (160)

(Top) Sarah Legge Photography, Boutique Blooms; (Bottom Left) Kirsty Mackenzie, Blush Floral Design; (Bottom Right) Sarah Legge Photography, Papillon Patisserie 

Marcel Grabowski
9. Marcel Grabowski

 Marcel Grabowski Photography

LH Photography
LH Photography
LH Photography
LH Photography
LH Photography
LH Photography

LH Photography

Nkima Photography- Forever Cakes by Vanessa Albury
Joe Burford Photography, Lily & Myrtle, Love Lane (165) Events
Dominique Bader

(Left) Nkima Photography, Forever Cakes; (Top Right) Joe Burford Photography, Lily & Myrtle, Love Lane Events (Sign); (Bottom Right) Dominique Bader Photography

Frankee Victoria Photography

Philippa Sian Photography- Lavender Hill Company

(Left) Philippa Sian Photography, Lavender Hill Company, Bubblegum Balloons; (Right) Kerry Ann Duffy, Godalming Party Co. (Balloons)

Hannah Berry Photography, Hannah Berry Flowers

DM Photography

LH Photography
Charlotte Razzell

(Left) LH Photography; (Right) Charlotte Razzell Photography, Bubblegum Balloons

Harry Michael Photography (217 Likes)


Abigail White Photography

Charlotte Razzell Photography

DM Photography

Dominique Bader Photography

Frankee Victoria Photography

Hannah Berry Photography

Harry Michael Photography

Hayley Bray Photography

Joe Burford Photography

Jonny MP Photography

Kate Gray Photography

Kerry Ann Duffy 

Kirsty Mackenzie

Kit Myers

Leanne Jade Photography

Lemonade Pictures

Lincoln Pictures

LH Photography

Marcel Grabowski Photography

Miss Gen Photography

Nkima Photography

Philippa Sian Photography

RS Brown Photography

Sarah Legge Photography

The Springles

Sophie Duckworth

Terry Li Photography

VLA Photography


Blush & Stem

Blush Floral Design 


Boutique Blooms

Eden Blooms

Gill Pike Flowers

Hannah Berry Flowers

Herbert & Isles

Jenni Bloom

Lavender Hill Company


Lily & Myrtle


Seventh Heaven Events

Topiary Tree by Carrie Macey


Emily Jane Cakes

Forever Cakes

Le Papillon Patisserie 


Bubblegum Balloons

Godalming Party Co. 

Love Lane Events 

Monti by Monti